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Marconi Component Attribution
Marconi is open source software. See the top of various source files, including this one, for details.
Marconi incorporates or uses the following software components:
  • Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Javascript library
  • dojo Javascript library
  • ArcGIS Javascript API
  • Google maps Javascript API
  • OpenLayers map library
  • Selected portions of the Apache Commons library
  • Hibernate to provide OO wrapper for database persistence
  • MySQL database
  • Encryption Javascript code by Tom Wu
  • Encryption code by Bouncy Castle for server-side encryption
  • Icon library by Nicolas Mollet at
  • National Grid graticule code by Larry Moore for Google maps, modified for Google v3
  • Skyhook API for Wifi location services
  • IP geocoding by MaxMind
Marconi invokes the following software, in some cases relying on it, at other times using it if configured to do so. However, the Marconi distribution does not include a copy of the listed software:
  • Google maps API
  • Yahoo maps API
  • ESRI maps API
  • Cloudmade API for geocoding services, used with OpenLayers
  • Everbridge API for sending voice and SMS communications
  • MySQL or other similar database
  • Glassfish or other web container
Please advise us of any omissions, and be assured any omission is not intentional.